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Yet another way to clear the CMOS is to short the CLEAR CMOS jumper on your motherboard, assuming your motherboard has one.

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Clearing the BIOS, CMOS or NVRAM, Via a Jumper on a.

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Defines CMOS technology and how to clear CMOS using the jumper or battery methods.

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The jumper is to reset the BIOS to its default settings. Don't know about replacing the jumper with a button - maybe on some boards. Sometimes.

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How do I clear the CMOS (manually reset the BIOS) on my PC? If your system fails to audio card, etc.) may be requried to access the CMOS battery or jumper.

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I know putting it from 12 to 23 position resets the bios settings to default but I was wondering what exactly does it do internally? Does it stop.

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Resetting your CMOS with the motherboard jumper. By manually adjusting the right jumper, you can trigger the CMOS clearing function. 1.

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CMOS Jumper? Sunjammer. By Sunjammer Jul 12, I am assembling a PC for the first time, and am having the "does not POST" problem. I've read through.

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Your computer's motherboard has a special jumper that can clear the BIOS saved settings and revert them to their.