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Atmospheric convection is the result of a parcel-environment instability, or temperature There are a few general archetypes of atmospheric instability that are used to explain convection (or lack thereof). A necessary (but not sufficient).

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This article will focus on how convection currents are created in the Earth's atmosphere and describe three distinct atmospheric convection cells. Convection can be observed in the wind, thunderstorms, ocean currents, the sun, under the Earth's crust, and even a hot bowl of soup!.

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An explanation of atmospheric convection–the process responsible for creating clouds, precipitation, and thunderstorms. by Tiffany Means.

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In meteorology, convection refers primarily to atmospheric motions in the vertical direction. As the earth is heated by the sun, different surfaces absorb different.

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convection. Convection is the circular motion that happens when warmer air or liquid — which has faster moving molecules, making it less dense — rises, while .

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Atmospheric convection is an important source of gravity waves. .. on basis of the sign of vertical velocity or more restrictive definitions (in the case of clouds).

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Convection, along with conduction and radiation, is a principal means of energy transfer. Distinction is made between free convection Atmospheric convection is nearly always turbulent. Convection may be dry, that is, with.