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From Miller & Levine Biology Core Edition Inside: - What Is Science? One goal of science is to provide natural explanations for events in the natural world.

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Read chapter 2 Goals for Science Education: What is science for a child? and R. Gelman (Eds.), The epigenesis of mind: Essays on biology and cognition (pp.

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To do so, the Biology faculty seeks to provide exemplary and innovative instruction in (1) courses that fulfill the Science portion of general education and/ or.

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What is science? The goal of science is to learn how nature works by observing the natural and physical world, and to understand this world.

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1 – THE SCIENCE OF BIOLOGY, pp. What is Science? Introductory Paragraph. ▫ Humans had many questions. ▫ They slowly started to use a scientific.

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To provide a comprehensive education in biology that stresses scientific reasoning and problem solving across the spectrum of disciplines within biology .