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May 10, Rifled slug guns will have the longest range by far. Couple points here though: Rifling causes shot to spread quite a bit faster than a smooth barrel. In theory you .

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Study the topic “Maximum Projectile Range: Shotgun” from the official chart shows the maximum projectile range when you use lead pellets in your shotgun.

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This is as "rifle like" a shotgun as you'll ever find - and it's an absolute tack driver. Best Fit: The TarHunt is a long-range slayer for the accuracy snob. At 7 3/4 to 8.

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Sep 15, I would like to start a discussion about how we could mame the most accurate shotgun. Currently I am using an H&R and accutips after trying all.

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Oct 19, Inasmuch as I know the secrets of long-range shooting, here's what Other than that specific situation, I believe shotguns are short-range.

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A shotgun is a firearm that is usually designed to be fired from the shoulder, which uses the .. Shotguns and similar weapons are simpler than long-range rifles, and were developed earlier. The development of more accurate and deadlier.

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The problem with long range shotgun fire is that it is only long range for pistols and shotguns. Long range for a shotgun is really relatively close.

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A subtrope of Short-Range Long-Range Weapon. How appropriate the cone of fire is for the situation may affect whether Shotguns Are Just Better. Contrast.