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this means totally in a state of being over excited and trying to act cool.

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A rhyme negation of the slang totes (meaning totally) this phrase is used as a note: In the full commercial, the follow up comment of "totes magotes" is used.

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Also spelled Totes McGoats or totes magoats, it ultimately comes from totally, which dates back to the s and was shortened to totes by the s.

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Totes magotes is an emphatic reduplicative form, comparable to easy-peasy or of this origin, spelling the syllable gote rather than goat.

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Fun emphatic (and slang) way of saying totally. Only for use with friends. “This movie looks good, you up for that?” -Totes McGoates, bro. “Really? You'll have.

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Define totes magotes (adverb) and get synonyms. What is totes magotes (adverb) ? totes magotes (adverb) meaning, pronunciation and more.

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What common eight-letter expression, meaning failure, contains three pairs of double letters? The first letter is G, the fourth letter is S, and the.