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Coil bind happens when the valve spring is fully compressed. The coils of the spring contact each other. This stops the valve from opening any.

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INSTALLED HEIGHT, OPEN. PRESSURE AND COIL BIND. Valve spring installed height refers to the dimension measured from the bottom of the spring retainer.

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“Coil bind” occurs when a spring's coils stack solid at or before full camshaft lift. This develops an infinite load on the valvetrain, causing its.

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avoid coil bind, valve float and extreme damage to your valve train, always install the recommended. Crower engineered valve spring kit with your new. Crower.

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A valve spring that “dances” around on the cylinder head or retainer causes Once the valve springs have been installed, it is important to check for coil bind.

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Installed height is the dimension a valve spring will occupy, when the head is The first figure is the coil bind, or solid, height of the spring that will be used.

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Not enough clearance will bind the spring in the pocket, overstressing the bottom coil by limiting its movement and not allowing the spring to "grow". This will.

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Coil bind is when the valve spring is compressed fully to the point that all of the coils Coil bind is a catastrophic condition that will result in valve train failure.