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I refer to it as, “The Walkaway Wife Syndrome.” Do you know that two-thirds of all the divorces that are filed in our country are filed by women? This is not to say.

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What is the “Walkaway Wife Syndrome?” In the early years of some marriages, women tend to be the relationship caretakers. They may be more likely to strive.

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Look out for the walk-away wife syndrome. Two-thirds of divorces are filed by women. Early in marriage, women are the usual caretakers of the relationship.

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One of the videos in the CTI collection is authored by her and is called the “Walk Away Wife Syndrome.” Two-thirds of all divorces filed in the.

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In the walkaway-wife syndrome, leaving comes down to a lack of intimacy and a feeling that there is nothing waiting for them in the relationship.

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The term Walkaway Wife Syndrome was made popular by marriage counselor, Michele Weiner-Davis MSW. She explains the process of.

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“Why didn't you tell me you were this unhappy?” asks the Too-Late-Woke Husband to the back of his wife's head as she walks out the door.