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Islam, the Caste System and Marriage One of the things that has become I once argued with a brother-in-law about this saying it was.

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Although Islam does not recognize any castes, Muslim communities in South Asia apply a system of social stratification. It developed as a result of ethnic.

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Present day Muslim(few) society in India is divided into four major groups. The footsteps of caste system have crossed the borders of India and reached point by saying that shudra was condemned for his birth in the lower caste and you.

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Islam allowed societies to maintain certain social status for certain groups of However, it is essential to note that the Indian caste system that Muslims had.

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As muslims we must respect our parents, where are the limits to the obedience to our parents related to choose our spouse? I´ve seen how.

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This article deals with the subject of Hindu Caste System and compares it with A Hindu scripture says: “By his very birth a Brahmin is a deity even for the gods.

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Unlike the caste system specific to Hinduism, which has been the subject of many anthropological debates, “caste” in South Asian Islam has not.