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This is one of the most frequent question opera singers get, funnily enough. There's no special language for opera in the sense that it's a language just for.

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They need to be able to learn their music quickly and to sing from memory. It is a help to be good at languages because operas are.

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Opera is a form of theatre in which music has a leading role and the parts are taken by singers, but is distinct.

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THE question of whether opera should be performed in the language that most of the And that's before they start arguing about the singers!.

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Recently there was an interesting article on Lifehacker called I learned to speak four languages in a few years. Here's how by Gabriel Wyner. He got in touch.

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Another challenge of singing opera is that the singers have to sing in languages other than their own. Most operas are sung in Italian, French.

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I had one visiting over the weekend, as it turns out. The answer is: it varies. You don't need any real knowledge of the languages you're singing in, but the job.

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But she remains best known as an opera singer, one of the defining sopranos of where Germans or Italians can sing in their own language.

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Physicists have discovered the reason why even operas sung in English are hard to follow; in order to be heard sopranos have to sacrifice.

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Will: Just like baseball or NASCAR, opera has a language that you need a rapid deployment of notes up and down the scale, in jazz singing.