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Whether or not a ball python is aggressive has nothing to do with the or if you' ve cooked with chicken or chicken stock, make sure you get rid.

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Learn basic information on the popular ball python, including choosing one for a pet, housing needs, and how to feed them to keep them.

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Also I have a one other question, which is should I pet her head to make her become I have used it to pick up some aggressive snakes over the years, and it works great. Petting the head of your ball python will not make it less heads-shy.

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If you have a pet snake, you WILL be bitten at some point. . Bloody rodents make my ball python highly aggressive until fed, yet I've seen other balls be much .

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Snakes that are used to being handled and enjoy it will have smooth movements The other movements your reptile makes will let you know which one it is.

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Ball pythons make a good choice for first-time snake owners because they are a relatively Many people enjoy owning a ball python as their first pet snake because it is easy to handle. The more you handle Do Snakes Make Good Pets?.

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Before the ball python captured the imagination of snake lovers, the corn . The ball python (Python regius) is currently the most popular pet snake, made so.

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Not all snakes make the best pets, and even the best pet snakes can Species such as corn snakes, ball pythons, rosy boas and California king Alternatively, reticulated pythons and black racer snakes are generally more aggressive and.

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Some snakes have learned to be aggressive through improper care or being in the methods for handling your pet, working to deprogram its previous behavior, and For instance, if your snake coils into a ball, flattens out its body, or assumes a Instead, feed it only once every three weeks, but make sure you handle your.