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The first whisper reads, "Stretch marks are not a detractor for me. The better the But what do guys really think about stretch marks? Read on to find out!.

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Jul 25, 11 Surprising Things Men Do — and Don't — Notice About Your Body While you're busy obsessing about your stretch marks, or that

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And for the ladies, what do you think about stretch marks on guys and on yourself ? Does your significant other mind your stretch marks?.

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When guys look at women, they look at what they like. When women look at themselves, they look at what they don't like.

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Mar 11, Do men care about stretch-marks on their partners? 6, Views Originally Answered: What do guys think about girls who have stretch marks? Do they find it .

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Jan 29, Stretch marks are fine but I'm not a fan of excessive cellulite. . However to answer the OPs question, I honestly don't think men care too much.

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real man. I want you to never think of thees love mark thing ever again. . Most men don't look at stretch marks any different than any other blemish. They don't.

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Aug 17, We tend to think of stretch-mark anxieties as the sole province of women, particularly those who've had children. But trawl the depths of Reddit.