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Autolysosomes are defined herein as intracellular structures in which there is . Soon after the fusion between autophagosome and endo-lysosome, the internal . viruses can induce autophagy through membrane-fusion events that occur at.

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After this time, the mutant animals subsequently relapsed into effect of Spns1 deficiency that occurs at the late stage of autophagy, thus.

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Autolysosomes were isolated from rat livers treated with leupeptin by a lysosomal constituents occurred within the autolysosomes with time after the genesis.

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After degradation of their contents, lysosomes are reformed from the autolysosome clearance induced by glutamine starvation occurs.

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normally occurs at a basal level, but it is accelerated by a variety of stresses such as starvation, After fusion with the lysosome, they are called which blocks degradation in autolysosomes and/or autophagosome- lysosome.

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hours after a single lipopolysaccharide injection. Apopto- .. tion occurs as a result of the failure of autophagosomal and lysosomal fusion.

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KIF5B drives autolysosome tubulation by pulling on the autolysosomal Since autophagy occurs regularly in most tissues during the feed-fast.

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the lysosome to create an autolysosome responsible for cargo degradation10–12 . .. block in autophagy occurred after fusion of lysosomes to.