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Anaphase: Stage in mitosis following the metaphase, in which the centromeres divide They help to organize the assembly of microtubules during cell division.

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The microtubule-organizing center (MTOC) is a structure found in eukaryotic cells from which microtubules emerge. MTOCs have two main functions: the organization of eukaryotic flagella and cilia and the organization of the mitotic and meiotic spindle apparatus, which separate the chromosomes during cell division. In epithelial cells, MTOCs also anchor and organize the.

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Microtubules are critical throughout the cell cycle – they organize cellular components and split them in two. Here are a series of videos of the.

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Microtubules are very important in eukaryotic cell division, and they are found in several key places during plant cell division. During interphase.

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Learn how microtubules, actin filaments, and intermediate filaments organize the such as the pinching off of the cell membrane in the final step of cell division.

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The last step in the cell cycle, mitosis takes about 1 hour in an actively dividing a single centrosome at the pole organizes three distinct sets of microtubules.

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The centrosome organizes microtubules during both interphase and mitosis and therefore governs fundamental processes in the life of a eukaryotic cell.

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Essential for movement of chromosomes during cell division . Function: Organizes microtubules in the spindle to move chromosomes in cell division.