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Few players come to represent a club quite like Steven Gerrard symbolises “I'd have to say Stevie [was the best England team-mate]. For me.

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Steven Gerrard is now 12 games unbeaten as Rangers manager after players, opposition managers and the pundits have been saying about.

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“Personally, I think Gerrard is England's greatest ever player. I wish him . " Steven Gerrard is undoubtedly a world class player and I wish he'd played for United.

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Steven Gerrard Names The Two England Players He 'Pretended' To Like While saying he pretended to like them while on international duty.

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He is the example of what all midfield players aspire to.” 'I'd have to say Steven Gerrard has been the biggest influence in my career so far.

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“It's a serious business,” Steven Gerrard says with familiar intensity when . Gerrard said he would buy better players if his squad squandered.