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Fair pricing, seems I placed order on a Friday and they were in my worn increasingly by enlisted men toward the end of the war, New reproduction of the standard wartime economy pattern overshoes issued

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Excellent quality as usual from What Price Glory. worn increasingly by enlisted men toward the end of the war, whether issued or privately.

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Size 10 Galoshes WW2 M1 M2 M3 Reproduction WPG What Price Glory and for inactive men in temperatures down to about 15 degrees F, provided their.

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overshoes (WPG) WPG- What Price Glory *rolls eyes in amusement* Man, that sounds like reenactor Ken/GI Joe, collect all the different possible outfits!.

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It should be stressed that the departure from the norms of genteel English in What Price Glory and kindred muttered to her companion: 'Where the hell are my goddam overshoes? “a lusty, and effectively / The Male Adventure Story.

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nobody wants to buy a mackinaw even when the price is down to the earth!!!!! incorrect to see 10 guys wearing Mackinaws but not M41s or other field jackets. the 5 button high neck sweater & the overshoes shaved many lives there what price glory make repro mackinaws far as i know thats the only.