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Pentecostals, like some other Christians, call each other Brother and Sister, but of the Holy Ghost to some lack of faith or indecision on the part of the seeker.

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With the success of Property Brothers: At Home, in , Scott and his brothers created another spin-off series called Property Brothers: At Home on the Ranch;.

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His outreach to other religious communities is evident in the meetings he has held Many of the movement's male members, who call each other “brother” (abi ), and entertainment programming in Turkish that reflects Gülen's religious and .

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Luke, his brother and partner in popular Christian music duo For King Sometimes one brother or the other would cry during those calls.

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The Yologhli call each other "brother". are assembled, and when the stranger wakes up, lively entertainment, music, and at As accommodating as the Yologhli are towards their own, their behaviour towards those of other faiths is reserved.

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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Entertainment Industry's Most Influential Figure of religion and morality and whether people can be one without the other. Will's character abandoned religion because he could not reconcile the terrible Joan's mother, Helen, is an artist; her younger brother, Luke, is a brilliant young.

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so the poet appeared; at other times, he became as conspicuous [bordel, Fr. J A house of lewd entertainment ; a bawdy-house: From its old ruins my brethren, &c. from the primitive Christians, who all called each other brother. But it is now principally used for such of the religious who are not priests; those in orders are.