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Eccyclema, Greek Ekkyklēma, also called Exostra, in classical Greek theatre, stage mechanism consisting of a low platform that rolled on wheels or revolved on an axis and could be pushed onstage to reveal an interior or some offstage scene such as a tableau. After violence was no.

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An ekkyklêma was a wheeled platform rolled out through a skênê in ancient Greek theatre. It was used to bring interior scenes out into the sight of the audience.

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a machine used to display an interior scene (as dead bodies after a murder) in the classic theater. Greek ekkyklēma, from ekkyklein to wheel out, from ek out of, out + kyklein to wheel, revolve, from kyklos wheel. What did you just call me?!.

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Ancient Greek theater has helped shape the art form as we know it today, both in The ekkyklema, (sometimes spelled eccyclema) were large platforms.

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eccyclema: A wheeled device used in ancient Greek plays, that could be rolled A machine in the Greek theater which in some way disclosed an interior to the.

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ˌeksəˈklēmə noun (s) Etymology: Greek ekkyklēma, from ekkyklein to wheel out, from eccyclema — ▫ Greek theatre Greek Ekkyklēma, also called Exostra.

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eccyclema (plural eccyclemas or eccyclemata). A wheeled device, used in ancient Greek plays, that could be rolled out to allow a tableau to be viewed.

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The result is that when people speak of Greek theatre today, they are almost The eccyclema was a movable platform capable of being rolled or rotated.