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Size 2 Woven Wrap Carries: A Size 2 woven wrap (previously called a Rebozo) is Torso Carry; Short Back Cross Carry; Half Jordan's Back Carry (Half JBC).

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A size 6 woven wrap allowed me to do Front Wrap Cross Carry and Back Wrap Cross Carry, which were the most popular carries at the time.

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Rebozo Back Carry – one single diagonal or rebozo pass, tied at shoulder, this is the carry that a ring sling was designed to emulate. Wrap size: rebozo or base -.

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The awesome thing about woven wraps is that just about ANYONE can wear just a shortie next: this size does carries with fewer passes like a ruck back carry.

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Your base size is, essentially, the shortest size at which you can comfortably do Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) and tie off at the back with a double knot.

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All about babywearing, woven wraps, carriers and more. Tutorials Tutorials sorted on the wrap size used in the tutorial. You can try BASE + 1 CARRIES ( size 7). Back Back Wrap Cross Carry Sweetheart with a chestbelt.

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These are all situations that will affect the choice of wrap length. Firstly, How do you wish to use your wrap? Your options are: Front carry. Back.