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Mercury is a chemical element with symbol Hg and atomic number It is commonly known as . Mercury was found in Egyptian tombs that date from BC. . Mercury(II) is the most common oxidation state and is the main one in nature as.

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Mercury (atomic symbol Hg) is a liquid at room temperature. Finding large pools of the element is for all purposes impossible, and finding it in its native state is.

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Methyl mercury is a lethal pollutant found in rivers and lakes. The main source crystal structure The solid state structure of mercury is: bcc (body-centred cubic).

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Mercury was known to the ancient Chinese and Hindus and has been found in year old Egyptian tombs. Mercury is not usually found free in nature and is.

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The pure form, elemental mercury, is liquid at room temperature and slowly forms a vapour in the air. Forms more commonly found in nature are.

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Mercury is the only metal which exist in form of liquid at room temperature. however by changing the temperature the state of Mercury also dads-space.com example by lowering the And Mercury vapor (gas) is found in some particles of light.

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Mercury is a very rare element found in the Earth's crust. It is sometimes found in its free state, but is usually found in ores such as cinnabar, livingstonite, and.

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In fact, evidence of its use has been found in China, India and Egypt, and traces of mercury were found in 3,year-old Egyptian tombs.

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Mercury is classified as a "Transition Metal" which are located in Groups 3 - 12 of the Periodic Table. Elements classified as Transition Metals are generally.

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Mercury is also sometimes called quicksilver or liquid silver. The chemical Mercury is a naturally occurring element found in air, water and soil. Mercury exists.