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especially a member of the public who calls a radio or television programme lines were continuously busy, with callers waiting approximately 30 minutes.

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Word forms: plural callers. 1. countable noun. A caller is a person who is making a telephone call. An anonymous caller told police what had happened.

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Annoying really is a tiresome word, as its roots imply: it comes from the old French word anuier, meaning "to weary or vex," and from the Latin inodiare, meaning.

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Smileys represent the human face and all its possible expressions that correspond to our means skepticism, being annoyed or uneasy. 8.

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Annoying. Telephone. Calls. Annoying Telephone Calls. Department of. Public Safety Annoyance calls are often placed by organization he/she represents.

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just how goddamned annoyed we are at our friends, family members, significant others . You deserve to be called out, but we're still friends.

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But beyond metaphorical meanings, there are also the emoji that we think mean one . Looks like: Someone who is annoyed beyond belief.

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Use this to convey that you're super annoyed or irritated. That means This emoji represents a lot more than a black cube. This is This looks like a jellyfish or an umbrella, but surprisingly, Apple calls it a wind chime. Apple.