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Being diagnosed with Diabetes is a hard thing to adjust to. One day you are healthy and the next your doctor sends you away with dozens of prescriptions.

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I remember the days following my diagnosis. I sat on my living room floor, pouring over articles and books and websites and pamphlets trying to.

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My husband is a type 1 insulin-dependent diabetic. 79 million Americans aged 20 or older have prediabetes and nearly 50 It's a soul-crushing, heart- wrenching, body-wasting, mind-fuck that will send you to Hell way.

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Here are three secrets for your life with diabetes around food: Despite what everyone is saying you “can't” and “shouldn't” eat, you are the one.

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A diabetes diagnosis doesn't have to mean a lifetime of bland meals. of which is, “What the heck am I allowed (and not allowed) to eat?.

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The flu you can fight. Hell, you can even fight sexually transmitted infections. We don't exactly know why we have diabetes. But I do know.

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Obviously, my answers are “Yes” and “Hell yes!!” Not only can people with diabetes eat regular pancakes if we just take our insulin (or other.

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Bradley got type 2 diabetes in his forties, then he got fatty liver. I turned totally inward for a while and then really started to question what the hell was going on. Do you want to support Diet Doctor and get access to bonus.