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three letter word, pic 1 is pink skull, pic 2 girl in the rain with smudged makeup with a cross bone on front of t-shirt, Best Answer: Emo.

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High blood pressure does not indicate if your liver and kidneys' are shutting down , which is what happens in pre-ecl. High blood pressure is a.

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Question and Answer (Q&A) websites such as Yahoo!Answers provide a platform where users can post questions and receive answers.

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Yahoo Answers (YA) is a large and diverse question-answer forum, acting .. International Journal of Web and Grid Services, v.7 n.2, p, May .. Word embedding based correlation model for question/answer.

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Yahoo! Answers community and students' homework questions. about the diversities, does not refer explicitly to technology, let alone digital technologies' (p . 2). This is .. Educational Review, 67(1), Liu, Y.

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Pages | Published online: 18 Oct place within the Yahoo! Answers community following questions posted by students seeking help with their.