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Make a simple fried rice: stir-fry garlic, onions, cooked peeled prawns and chopped carrot. Add frozen peas, bean sprouts, chopped green onions, a dash of .

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Season your plain leftover white rice or brown and use it to make vegetarian stuffed tomatoes for a main dish or healthy side. Slice off the tops.

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Make extra rice on purpose and use up the leftovers all week. Whether it's regular or instant, choose whole-grain brown rice more often for extra vitamins plus.

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With so many ways to cook with leftover rice, it's almost a good idea to make extra just so that you can do something different with it the next day.

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Quite often I will shove the pan of leftover cooked rice into a larger bowl of cold water, which quickly brings the temperature down before.

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Got leftover rice? Make sure it doesn't go to waste by using one of these 7 ways to use leftover rice.

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This healthy fried rice is a smart way to make sure your kids eat their vegies and to Leftover rice, zucchini and cheese is all you need for this yummy weeknight .

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Leftover Rice Recipes - Repurpose This Healthy Grain for Your Next Meal Time. In this Article. Recipes You Can Make with Leftover Rice.

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A handful of leftover rice added at the end of cooking can add texture and heartiness to soups, casseroles and stews, giving your family a healthy dose of grains.