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Here are 12 awesome ideas and tips for reusing hankies you don't want to 8 ways to recycle your old handkerchiefs How many old hankies do you have?.

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We love these hanky craft ideas and most are easy to make. There are vintage old hanky hankie wreath find hankies @ Nanalulus Linens and Handkerchiefs.

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Found some pretty old hankies? Don't keep them stored away! Should do this with all my grandmothers doilies and handkerchiefs! Vintage Lace Patchwork.

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If you've ever wondered what to do with all those vintage hankies you got from your grandma, here are 10 craft projects Why not use old t-shirts or something?.

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Then we think maybe you'd prefer to make your own handkerchiefs from scratch instead! Most of the old fashioned ones you'll find in stores (or in your.

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This is why the pendants you make yourself are so much more valuable than those you buy in a store! Find out how an old handkerchief can become the.

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Handkerchiefs are irresistible to collect. They're dainty, delicate and oh so pretty! Yet most people do not end up using them a lot today.

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Repurpose shabby chic vintage hankies with this clever DIY of femininity when you gather old-fashioned hankies into an elegant cluster.

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Hankie Shower Curtain- Found some pretty old hankies? Take a look at how some vintage handkerchiefs were made into an adorable one of.