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Blood Orange Vodka. Bursting with the dynamic citrus flavour of SICILIAN BLOOD ORANGES. And it's this recipe that led to the creation of Whitley Neill Blood Orange Vodka. A handcrafted vodka of orange wheel. View all our cocktails.

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The Best Blood Orange Vodka Drinks Recipes on Yummly | Blood Orange Vodka Spritzers, Blood Orange-sage Vodka Soda, Blood Orange Rosemary Vodka.

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6 days ago The Best Blood Orange Vodka Recipes on Yummly | Blood Orange Vodka Spritzers, Blood Orange Vodka Sour, Blood Orange Vodka Cocktail. Angostura bitters, sour mix, sugar, lemon juice, blood orange juice and 3 more.

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The home of Blood Orange Vodka Cocktail Recipes on the web. Browse our cocktail recipes and learn to mix the perfect drink.

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I bought a bottle of Charbay Blood Orange-flavored vodka Friday night. Opened it up last night, with no clue how to mix it (I'm NOT an.

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Freshly squeezed blood orange juice mixed with vodka then topped with sparkling soda and crushed ice. This blood orange vodka soda is.

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7 ounces blood orange flesh. 1-inch piece of zest. 1. Combine the blood orange infused vodka and tonic. 2. Drizzle blood orange juice on top. 3. Garnish with a.