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cell membrane, controls the movement into and out of the cell endoplasmic reticulum, serves as a pathway for the transport of materials throughout the cell.

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The Endoplasmic Reticulum is a network of membranous canals filled with fluid. They carry materials throughout the cell. The ER is the "transport system" of the.

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transports materials within the cell Organelle that manages or controls the cell functions in a eukaryotic cell packages proteins for transport out of the cell.

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ER are membranous canals filled with fluid that serve to distribute materials throughout a cell. There are two types of ER: rough ER and smooth ER. The rough.

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Stores material within the cell. Vacuole. Closely stacked, flatted sacs (plants only) . Chloroplasts. The site of protein synthesis. Ribosome. Transports materials.

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Vesicles transport materials within a cell. Vesicles are constantly forming, membrane-wrapped containers that transport things like protein through a.

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Both. ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM. Clear, tubular system of tunnels throughout the cell. Transports materials like proteins around the cell. Both. RIBOSOME.

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Inside the nucleus is another organelle called the nucleolus. materials to parts of the cell and others transport materials outside the cell in a.