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Barnabas born Joseph, was an early Christian, one of the prominent Christian disciples in . A considerable minority of the Antioch church of Barnabas's time belonged to the merchant class, and they provided support to the poorer Jerusalem.

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Barnabas - The Early Church, Bible Trivia. To what tribe did Barnabas belong?.

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What tribe did Barnabas belong to? A. Judah B. Benjamin C. Levi D. Apollos.

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What tribe did Barnabas belong to? A. Judah B. Benjamin C. Levi D. Apollos Find out at dads-space.com?trivia=

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He was from the tribe of Levi and came from the island of Cyprus. Now Joseph, a Levite of Cyprian birth, who was also called Barnabas by the apostles (which translated means Son . Strong's Greek A Cypriote, belonging to Cyprus.

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During the Jubilee all land reverted to those who inheritance it was. (2) De ¶ The priests the Levites, [and] all the tribe of Levi, shall have no part nor.

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The tribe did not have a region of the promised land set aside for them. Instead, they were distributed amongst the cities in other tribes' land.

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Background: Acts records that Barnabas was a Levite and a His first recorded action is that he “sold a field that belonged to him and.

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He sold a field that belonged to him, then brought the money, and laid it at the Levites, from the Israelite tribe of Levi, were assigned different roles during In Acts , Barnabas was the one leader in the Jerusalem church.