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Eating chocolate-chip cookies causes your brain to release feel-good chemicals such Doing things with friends is said to improve brain and heart health, and.

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Sure, you could eat chocolate chip cookies or sprinkle some chocolate chips on your ice cream (or just eat them out of the bag). But why are.

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Defaults Done. August 4 is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day And if you are like me and find them irresistible, you probably can't stop after a few bites . "I am either eating no cookies, or I am eating several. I can't.

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Welcome to Chocolate Chip Cookie Week, celebrating one of America's You can also see Amos here on an episode of Shark Tank, where he also doing so while eating chocolate chip cookies, because there are very few.

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4, is an ode to the wonderful world of chocolate chips. They make it so easy to sprinkle goodness onto everything you eat. Of course, it doesn't.

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Before you start leaving all sorts of comments like "WHAT!? ARE YOU DOING EATING COOKIES?", "I THOUGHT YOU GAVE UP SUGAR!.

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This is particularly exciting for my boyfriend, who told me it's always been his dream to eat a chocolate chip cookie without the chocolate chips.