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What about thinking of all the ways life was different 20 years ago? It's hard to even imagine that we were functioning humans without the.

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Whether your kids are in college or you're currently raising a little one, you'll appreciate our list of ways that parenting is different now than it.

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by Dottie Palombo. The last twenty years have seen many changes in our world, from the rise of personal computers to the crumbling of the Berlin Wall to the.

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Views · How are teenagers today different from teenagers 15 years ago? 1, Views · How is teenage life now compared to 20 years ago? Views.

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Looking back, was an exciting year. Here are some of the biggest moments the world was talking about then — and you won't believe it's.

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20 years ago ago these 21 things were our absolute everything. Today, not so much. Maybe you had a different variation. Maybe your man.