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AP Master and Grader Chris Averill breaks down the Missouri Compromise and everything you need know for the AP US History.

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Start studying 's APUSH. The compromise set it up so that Maine joined as a free state and Missouri joined as a slave state. Congress also made a line.

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Key figures such as Henry Clay attempted to solve this predicament by proposing the compromise of known as the Missouri Compromise. James Monroe.

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In , Missouri wanted to be admitted as a slave state, but the House passed the Tallmadge This compromise temporarily pushed the slavery issue away.

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In an effort to preserve the balance of power in Congress between slave and free states, the Missouri Compromise was passed in admitting Missouri as a.

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As an architect of the Missouri Compromise, he hoped to settle the issue of slavery in the Louisiana Territory after Missouri nearly disrupted the delicate balance.

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BACKGROUND LEADING TO THE COMPROMISE • 22 states in the country; 11 free, 11 slave • Missouri applied for statehood in • Part of Louisiana.

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The contradictions inherent in the expansion of white male voting rights can also be seen in problems raised by western migration. The new western states were.