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What will life be like in 30 years' time? made a series of outlandish predictions about , the year its key characters travel to from

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Technologically, the year jump from to will be huge. During that time some elements of our world will change beyond recognition while others will .

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Where I would like to be in and where I expect to be In the winter of my life, I am depressed by the direction that my own country has.

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Back in , the CIA made 8 predictions on what life would be like in — here's what it got right (and really wrong). Nathan McAlone and.

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In , the United Nations put its futurist hat on. In a report simply titled "World Population to ," the UN's Department of Economic and.

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Our Lives in Numbers. December 31, 1 The internet will become “like electricity” in people's lives – omnipresent and less “visible.” Technology change .

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Women had an average of children in , down from 3 Laws in nearly one-third of developing countries do not guarantee the.

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October 4, by Jean-Marc Côté and other French artists in , , and , shows artist depictions of what life might look like in the year