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It will kill you. There have been reports of people trying this, and for the most part it is because somewhere along the line they heard that there is alcohol in.

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The real question is what would happen if you two had a kid. . Swallowed Gasoline If you That cough might mean that some of the gas entered your lungs, and gasoline is toxic to lung tissues, says Dr. Peacock. If you.

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He talks about what should be done if you swallow gasoline or get it on your eyes or So if they've swallowed it you need it to keep going, so it's a good idea to.

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The victim should remove any clothing that came in contact with the gasoline. If you suspect that your child has swallowed gasoline but don't know how much.

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Matthew B. asks: Is it true that drinking gasoline will make you go blind? gasoline-related run-in with the authorities happened in , when.

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If inadvertently swallowed, a teaspoon of petrol may not cause you a lot of Poisoning can occur from large doses of petrol and can cause.

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People who think they can safely siphon gasoline often find out otherwise. When gasoline enters your lungs (aspiration), a few things happen. gasoline from his lawn mower one evening and accidentally swallowed a He called Poison Control the following day since he was belching a lot and could taste the gasoline.

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so i had a canteen in my tent one of my friends put down and i drank all Might as well just suicide if you drink gas, it's very near impossible to.