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The choice between Optimum and Fios can be tricky. Fiber generally offers better speeds and less latency (lag), but Something that distinguishes Optimum is that they offer excellent month-to-month plans, which is a huge.

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Verizon FiOS and Optimum, who offers the better service? Check out our findings and compare for yourself.

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Easily compare Optimum by Altice and Verizon Fios side by side. See both company's plans, prices, user ratings, and more. Updated Feb

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Verizon's fast and reliable, but Optimum may be better if you're on a . Optimum offers internet download speeds up to Mbps, which is.

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Find out if Verizon or Comcast are available near you. . Internet verdict: Which one is better Verizon Fios or Xfinity? Verizon Fios makes more.

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Updated for Find out which is better, Verizon FIOS or Cablevision ( Optimum) for the average user.

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When I called Optimum they told me I should be getting the $ MBPS so my question for this group is which one is better for the tech that I.

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In our area, if you're a current Verizon FiOS or Cablevision Optimum FiOS has a better and more reliable internet upload and download.

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FiOS was always light years ahead of Cablevision, but it seems like the gap has . What are the exact download/upload speeds measured? The new system may be better cause it's Comcast X1 software but I still heard it.