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To determine what you need to bring on a day hike, think about how far you plan to hike, how remote A backpack is the primary piece of gear for day hiking.

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To determine what you need to bring on a backpacking trip, think about how far you Hiking boots or shoes; Backpack; Tent; Sleeping bag and sleeping pad.

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Lay out all your gear at home and try out different loading routines until you've found what works best for you. Use a backpacking checklist to ensure you have.

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Be ready for anything when hiking -- pack the essential hiking gear in your backpack, including maps, water, food, clothing and more. What's in.

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The 10 Essentials of Hiking - 10 things to bring on every hike, no matter how A ziplock bag is a great option for keeping the trash you pick up along the trail.

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10 backpack essentials for summer hiking adventures in Colorado . However, you should time yourself on each hike to know what your.

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Before we get into the details of loading up your What type of backpack do I need?.

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If you're planning a long hike, you'll need to bring along a backpack with food, Instead of just tossing your gear into your pack, take time to plan out what goes.