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Or, maybe you've noticed your cat staring at other cats in your household. Soon , they'll be eating with just a minor barrier between them.

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If you notice that your cat's pupils are dilated, or if she seems to stare at you Staring us down is not the only thing cats are known to do, and it's certainly not the.

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Here's what you need to know about this cat behavior. Cat staring Cats do this for several reasons, such as keeping an eye out for.

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When you notice your cat watching you, think about why she might be Cats are notoriously nosy, so when your cat watches you, it might be just to see what.

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She is always watching you. A cat's stare has made many people feel a bit uneasy. "I often ask myself, just to see, who I am - and who I am (following) at the moment when, caught naked, in silence, by the gaze of an.

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Is the cat the mother & protector or are you? or do you just clean the litter box poorly Quora User, Wins staring contests w/cats, the neighbor cat begs adoption.