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Inflight smoking is prohibited by almost all airlines. Smoking on domestic airliners based in the United States, for instance, was banned on all domestic flights with a duration of two hours or less beginning in , Aurigny Air Services became the first airline to ban smoking entirely on its flights, in July However, both.

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Feb 23, Tracy Sear, a flight attendant with US Airways, was looking over some The flight attendants union began fighting for a smoking ban in the late.

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Feb 25, It was just 25 years ago that legislation was passed banning smoking on all domestic flights in the US. In , the US Surgeon General named.

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Dec 31, Northwest Airlines was the first to ban smoking in , but not out of safety or beginning in , with all planes being smoke-free by the end of the s.

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Dec 7, What they often forget is that the air in those luxurious planes was usually heavy with smoke. The US government began to phase out smoking in , and by (As a side note, smoking weed is also a no-no on airplanes.).

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Mar 9, Airlines in North America began banning smoking in the late s, but it Poole said on a recent flight she was alerted by another passenger.

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Feb 24, 25, banned smoking on all domestic flights of less than [. Bitterly resisted by the tobacco industry, it was at the time among the most visible indications precedent that airline cabins were an environment not to have smoking,” said Dave Dobbins, I began covering airlines during the Eastern strike.

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Mar 12, PLANES have enforced a no smoking policy for over 30 years, yet they are Yet it was back in the 's that U.S. airlines made it illegal to.

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Oct 8, The smoking ban hit planes about twenty years before it was who worked on aeroplanes began to suffer from all of the smoking issues that.