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Nicole 'Hoopz' Alexander Dishes On TV Series & Breakup With Shaq. “ Shaquille is so smart in business and look at his wife [Shaunie] being together with him, . Upgrade or Downgrade: Did These Celebs Find Better?.

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Hoopz FINALLY spills the tea on what happened between her and Shaq — what she admits will make your jaw drop!.

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So this isn't the first time we thought Shaq and Hoopz had called it quits, and honestly, who wouldn't be surprised to hear they didn't last?.

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Hoopz Speaks on Relationship With Shaquille O'Neal + Dennis Reed . The Last Days of the Roc (The Roc-A-Fella Records Breakup) (Full.

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Fouled Out: Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander Confirms That She Is No Longer While the breakup did not happen that day, it appears Shaq's.

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Shaquille O'Neal and Nicole "Hoopz" Break Up Following Outburst Although she did pull her strings to land Bryson a solid role at the Graham.