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Members of the Albatross swimming club exercising at Southport open air sea- bathing lake. (Photo by Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)

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The iconic outdoor swimming baths by Southport Beach was sadly demolished by Sefton Council in , as the site made way for the Ocean.

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Southport open air pool in June of Children turned the model boating lake into an unofficial lido at North Park, Bootle. 20th August.

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The diving board at New Brighton open air baths (Image: No Agency) A run of bad weather and a lack of funding saw the baths closed down six Southport's first bathing pool first opened in and a new and improved.

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Jan will discuss Fortinino Matania's painting of Southport and the history of the Southport Open Air Pool and other Lido's across the North West.

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Baths. 83 likes. Bring back Southport Outdoor Baths. Does anyone remember the deep bit in the middle that you had to try not to touch as it was slimy!.

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Southport Bathing Lake the wonderful Lido of the North. Closed for a while and when reopened it was a great gala occasion. . Malcolm Stringer on Croydon Scarbrook Road Baths – Outdoor Indoor – ; Tracy Jones on.