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This is a list of notable bombings related to the Northern Ireland "Troubles" and their aftermath. No group said they did the bombing but it's believed the Provisional IRA was behind the bombing. injured by a car bomb which detonated as he attempted to start his TVR M outside of 79 Eglantine Avenue in Belfast.

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From until , the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) conducted an armed In the early days of the Troubles (–72), the Provisional IRA was poorly armed, with only main activities were defending Irish nationalist areas from attacks. . The republicans believed initially that this was the start of a long- term.

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The bombing was to give the British government a warning it was still in business . and bombing continued relentlessly at home the IRA had already started to.

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The IRA was created in as a successor to the Irish Volunteers, Beginning in , the Provos carried out bombings, assassinations.

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If we have to bomb our way to a negotiating table, we will. What the IRA tried to do for the most part and what they believed they were doing was that . So, what it demonstrated to begin with was a total insensitivity of Protestant peoples.

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July - Two IRA bomb attacks on soldiers in London's royal parks splinter group opposed to the IRA's cease-fire, was behind the blast.