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I'm level 11 now, and I still can't pick my faction. no quests are showing and no faction change allowed yet for my panda. refer a friend def not.

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The pandaren (pronounced /pænˈdɑɹən/) are a playable race added in players will be able to choose which faction (Alliance or Horde) to join, and will not.

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Speak to the Spirit of Master Shang Xi, and choose whether you leave with the Alliance You can change factions anytime but it would require you to buy a Faction . As relevant as it isn't, the first small Pandaren calligraphy character on the.

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Right now I'm closing in on completing The Wandering Isle. Any recommendations of where I should go next? Just want to keep doing what I've.

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That would be really cool if you could level up to 90 without a faction. You cant friend people on a Pandaren until you pick a faction. you'll.

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ferocious monsters who care about how strong you are Now choose I little more accurate of what each faction is, as nobody is perfect here.