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Pests can attack hostage foliage and make it ragged. And come winter, the foliage of these perennials wilt and die back. These are the times to.

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Hostas can be a wonderful addition to gardens that feature a lot of shade. However, choose placement carefully as they do love the morning.

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You can keep hostas (Hosta spp.) healthy with regular fertilizer during the growing season and an annual trim. These shade-loving foliage plants create a lush.

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Many hosta cultivars have nice fall color. They are often cut back during early fall cleanup. But it may be better to wait. Hostas will flatten out and.

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For once, it's the leaves that take top marks and the flowers that are afterthoughts. Hostas (Hosta spp.) win first prize as most popular perennial plant, thanks to.

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How to Prune Hostas. Hostas are a popular garden plant that are prized for their lush foliage. They're typically easy to care for, but they do benefit from being cut.

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You'll be happy to learn that hostas require very little care in the fall. They are After fall's first hard frost, you should cut back the entire plant to the ground.

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Very little pruning and training is required. Hosta foliage dies down in winter and is then consigned to the compost bin. Flower stalks are cut out when no longer.