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Of course pushing people away is a defense mechanism. Push someone away and you can't fail them. You can't disappoint them. They can't judge you. 5.

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What do I do? Or what should I do? Big difference, what I do is leave. Cut all ties and don't attempt to make contact. I'll avoid that person at all cost and learn to.

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When someone's going through a tough time, they can withdraw. If you try to help , they might push you away.

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When intimacy is scary, it's easier to act like you don't care. Some people consistently push away the people they love — here's why.

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Pushing people away shows someone still matters to us. they are thinking – the “other” always fails you because they can never know you.

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don't even know it. Here are 3 signs you may be pushing "the one" away He or she is the one person you go crying when you are hurt. This person helps.

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If we push people away, they can't leave us, because we've already left them. If you're supporting someone who has depression, we've put.