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Use this colourful poster to remind your children of the basic rules for capitalisation. Includes illustrative images and examples for each.

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When to Use a Capital Letter Poster! Use this poster as part of your writing lesson on using capital letters or hang on your Language Art's wall to help students.

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Poster, review that they must capitalize the names of people or pets, the word I, the situation when they need to use a capital letter. Have students share other.

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The dog howled with joy. Suddenly the boy started laughing. for abbreviations and acronyms. USA = United States of America. ASAP = As soon as possible.

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At the start of a sentence. • The monster opened its eyes. • “It is a beautiful day today,” she exclaimed. • Mountains of foam toppled over the edge of the bath.

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A free reference resource that your children can use to help them remember when we use capital letters. Download FREE related resources.

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Results 1 - 24 of You will receive 4 pages of capital letter posters, bookmarks, and printables to help your students remember where and when to use.

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Use this colorful poster to remind your students of the basic rules for capitalization. Includes illustrative images and examples for each. This is a simple yet.