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Lee Harvey Oswald (October 18, – November 24, ) was an American Marxist and Oswald was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on October 18, , to Robert Edward Lee Oswald, Sr. (–) and Marguerite Frances.

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Lee Harvey Oswald, (born October 18, , New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.— died November 24, , Dallas, Texas), accused assassin of U.S. President John.

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Born on October 18, , in New Orleans, Louisiana, Lee Harvey Oswald eventually joined the U.S. Marines and later defected to the Soviet.

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Less than an hour after the shooting, Lee Harvey Oswald killed a policeman who questioned him . John Froelich, inventor of the gas-powered tractor, is born.

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Lee Harvey Oswald is born in New Orleans, Louisiana, the son of Marguerite and Robert Oswald, Sr. Two months before his birth, his father.

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For 50 years, Lee Harvey Oswald has remained the enigmatic figure at the center of the Kennedy assassination. Was he a lone gunman?.

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Lee Harvey Oswald was born on October 18, in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was named Lee after his father, Robert E. Lee Oswald; Harvey was his.

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Lee Harvey Oswald was born in New Orleans on 18th October, His father, Robert Oswald, died two months before his son was born. At the age of three his .

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July 8, The maternal grandparents of Lee Harvey Oswald (hereafter July 19, LHO's mother, Marguerite Francis Claverie, is born in New Orleans.