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They deal with deep issues using the primary languages we learn from infancy – feelings and body language. The Blobs are neither male nor female, young nor old, European nor African, ancient nor modern. For each of us, emotional literacy is a journey of self understanding.

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Digital downloads of high quality printable & projectable images of the Blob Tree communication tools. Available as single images or full collections.

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This is the famous Blob Tree test created by behavioural psychologist Pip Wilson, who is a psycho-educational gamester and EQ developer. This test helps us to recognize and strengthen emotions, and to some extent, understand our social status in society too. Each blob figure in.

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The Blob Tree Materials were developed in my work in the East London in the 80's when I was working with young people who could not or.

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The Blob Tree was developed by Pip Wilson in the well known book 'Games Without Frontiers' – click here for more info. It uses a simple cartoon image of.

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The Blob Tree developed by Ian Long and Pip Wilson can be used as an evaluation tool. It has been developed particularly for schools.

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This is a two-part post. The second part is linked at the bottom of this post. The Blob Tree – really? Is this kindergarten time? This is what I.

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Big Book of Blob Trees (Blobs) [Pip Wilson, Ian Long] on dads-space.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This title features 50 different blob trees to explore.

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After this the Psychosocial Frame of Reference is introduced together .. In the Big Book of Blob Trees (Wilson & Long , 2), the majority of.