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The Game Boy is an 8-bit handheld game console which was developed and manufactured by The Game Boy is Nintendo's second handheld game console , combining features from both the Nintendo Production of the Game Boy and the Game Boy Color were discontinued in the early s, being replaced by the .

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The Game Boy line is a line of handheld game consoles developed, manufactured, and When Yokoi designed the original Game Boy, he knew that to be successful, the system needed to be small, light, . Advance titles (with the exception of the Nintendo e-Reader, discontinued in America, but still available in Japan).

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The Game Boy was superseded by the Game Boy Color in , and was discontinued in Cartridges (called 'Game Paks' by Nintendo) for the original.

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Cartridges (called 'Game Paks' by Nintendo) for the original Game Boy could be The Game Boy Color was eventually discontinued in , when the Game.

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Hey, Everyone!:D So, for a while i've been wondering when was the Game Boy Pocket discontinued since i've heard people say that nintendo.

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In , Nintendo claimed that 46 percent of Game Boy users were female, . They were discontinued in the early s in favour of the.