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If you catch a diamond walking around better hold on tight because it is a once in a lifetime offer. She wont be there long. boy 1- whos that girl over there?.

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To have an erection, using a simile comparing a penis to a diamond in hardness.

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I tried to get a seat in the diamond but I couldn't due to all the communists When you draw a line and connect the cocks, it forms a diamond-like shape.

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A trainload of black diamonds is headed for the power plant. of the society moved to American during the late s where she founded a branch of the group.

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one skilled at rolling "the diamond" a marijuana cigarette rolled in an artistic fashion, as such to create a diamond shape with three joints lashed together using.

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New, 'conflict-free' diamond bourses are established now to make sure no diamonds are going to be sold for guns, thanks to something called the ' Kimberley.

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May 21, Like a Heart of Gold, precious and good, but grown harder and colder with time. All these years got me a heart of diamond in my chest.

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The small area in between a really big ass where the legs and the ass an the pussy meet and Create a diamond shaped hole:the diamond of power.

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The Urban Dictionary defines Diamond in the Rough as “Someone (or I have endured many hardships that in the Master's, hands have formed me into.