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Streetcar: Streetcar, vehicle that runs on track laid in the streets, usually operated in single units and driven by electric motor. Early streetcars were either.

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The wheels of the streetcar were also made of steel, carefully manufactured in such a way so they would not roll off the rails. A horse-drawn streetcar was much .

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The world's first experimental electric tramway was built by Russian In the US, multiple functioning experimental electric trams were.

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A Comparative History of Western Civilization Jonathan Daly Alternating Current (AC) electricity system Electric streetcars first built Mids: assembly line innovation first used by Ford Motor Company Penicillin discovered.

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From Latimer was the chief draftperson and expert witness for the Board of In he invented an overhead conducting system for streetcars. today we refer He sold patents to General Electric, Westinghouse and American Bell. . after an effective treatment in the form of penicillin became available in

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It has fridges, electric streetcars, vacuum cleaners, department stores, submarines, neon lights, Penicillin and other antibiotics are just a few years away. Magnetic levitation technology is already invented and Henry Rutherford has already.