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In his book A History of Writing, Steven Roger Fischer suggests that Reed pens continued to be used until the Middle Ages, but were.

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A fountain pen is a nib pen that, unlike its predecessor, the dip pen, contains an internal By the early 18th century such pens were already commonly known as half the steel-nib pens manufactured in the world were made in Birmingham.

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However, the first people to invent the pen as a basic tool to write were the ancient Egyptians. The oldest piece of writing on papyrus dates back.

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At the start, with absolutely no technology whatsoever, pens were probably just an idea but employed on simple items (rocks, sticks, etc.). The early humans.

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Pencils and pens are very old writing tools (which were first used some years ago) but are still used today despite the electronic technology that we use for.

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History of pens starts in Ancient Egypt where scribes, trying to find replacement for styluses and writing in clay, invented reed pens. These pens were made from .

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The first whispers came in the summer of a Hungarian inventor living in Argentina had created something sensational. Practical fountain.

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Dip pens were made at the same time that both fountain pens and quill pens were in use; they were a metal fountain-pen tip, but dipped into a bottle of ink.