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(This interview contains spoilers for the ending of The Unwritten.) . book tropes in the series, and I think relaunching is a thing that comics do!.

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The Unwritten is an American comic book ongoing series written by Mike Carey with art by Peter Gross. Published by the Vertigo imprint of DC Comics, the book .

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Carey & Gross Ready the End of "The Unwritten: Apocalypse" CBR News: It is unbelievable to me that we first talked about this series almost six In the end, we returned to the question about Tom and I hope it's a satisfying ending. .. Rumor Debunked: Marvel Comics NOT Moving to the West Coast.

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Mike Carey and Peter Gross dissect 'The Unwritten: Apocalypse' and in "The Unwritten" and whether they have any regrets ending the series What Wilson has always wanted from Tom is that he will finish his unfinished business. . Pauly's tragic/comic relief, Rausch has almost ruled "The Unwritten" as.

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As it is difficult to review the finale of a long-running series without beyond those aspects of the comic that are most obviously “theirs” (that is, the and it is hard to think of a more logical ending than in the belly of the whale.

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What I most like about Unwritten though is that the quest of its on the idea of stories ending when one person punches out another. And better.

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"The Unwritten" begins the 12 issues of the series where Tom Taylor visits a variety for Tom Taylor, the key character of Vertigo Comics' The Unwritten. There are shout-outs to previous story arcs, too, according to Carey.

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Now that the comic is ending, there was a lot of talk about what comes next for this incredible creator. The panel revealed Lemire will begin a.

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Mike Carey's The Unwritten is an ongoing Vertigo series illustrated by Peter Gross, the first Carey is known for a variety of things from his Lucifer comic to his Felix Castor urban The ending chapters, especially, wowed me.

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Fables, the hit Vertigo series created by Bill Willingham, is ending in early Since the monthly Fables comic started in , it's been a constant with The Unwritten, as Vertigo also released the Fables Encyclopedia.